Would you trust your child’s academic future

to a college student or an aspiring actor

whose only qualification as a tutor is a high SAT score?

That’s what you get when you hire a big test prep company, whose primary concern is their own bottom line.

For the past 10 years, I’ve been working with families who believe in education and want the very best for their children.

I don’t waste time with guessing-based strategies and tricks.

I believe in using test prep as an avenue for real learning and personal growth that you can actually use in college.

You get a better score that way, too, which means maximizing your chances for college admission.

Think about this…

What are the key ingredients you need in order to reach your goals?

Confidence, the expectation of success, and the ability to work through negative emotions that keep you from working consistently and doing your best.

The very same skills and attributes you need in order to learn, to do well in school, and to significantly raise your SAT or ACT score.

Without them, you get stuck in frustration, discouragement, and failure.

With them, you can unlock your potential and achieve the success you deserve.

Success that you need, because college admissions is very competitive and good grades are not enough.

Imagine the edge an extra 150 points gives you. Or 300 points. Or even more.

Remember how great it was to have a teacher who really “got” you and helped you reach a whole other level of understanding and performance?

You’re a great tutor, you have an intuitive feel for motivating and bringing out the best in young people. -Rick and Mary Beth L.

The students we refer to Jeff not only do well on the SAT and ACT, but also for the first time feel confident about taking these tests, and about their school work in general, and feel like everything is going to be OK. And that’s particularly true for our students with learning differences. -Kris Ragland, Assoc. Director of College Counseling, Campbell Hall High School

Jeff’s knowledge regarding the psychology of learning is particularly notable… His patient, encouraging manner, combined with his appropriately high expectations, helped to reassure my daughter, who lacked confidence regarding her abilities… my daughter achieved her goals and what I believe represents her optimal performance, significantly above average scores on the SAT. -Leslie F.

You gave me the confidence to know I could do well, and relaxed me because I was stressed and nervous and that messed with my score. Before, I felt stupid and self conscious, especially in math. But working with you it actually became fun. The methods you taught me really helped, because you figured our what really worked for me.
-Ariella B.

I wanted you to know that your tutoring made all the difference in the world when it came to how she prepared for this important moment in her life… The confidence factor alone is immeasurable… Your skilled tutoring helped Casey keep the right frame of mind, and went a long way to prepare her mentally and emotionally, not just academically… With our family’s thanks and best regards. -Vicki S.

I loved studying for the SATs. You knew just how to coach me through the process so I not only got a great score but I also loved doing it. I think you got to know me really well and knew what I would take best, that way to get to my head and get things through my brain… Definitely having the confidence to know that I was going to do well. It just made it easier to perform because you said, you can do this so I just kind of did it.
-Samantha G.

I want to thank you again for working with our son. His scores were 310 points higher overall than their PSAT equivalents, including an 800 on the reading section. The experience of working with you couldn’t have been more straightforward, more satisfying, or more pleasant. I believe that our son not only learned much that helped him on the test, but much that will help him in life going forward. You provided knowledge, to be sure, but also wisdom. I think you know how rare that is. With thanks, and all best regard, -Howard R.

Although a good student, my son was never pleased with his standardized testing scores and feared that the SAT would jeopardize his chances of being accepted to a top university… Working with Jeff resulted in my son’s achieving an over 500 point improvement from his first PSAT score… but more importantly to achieve the self-confidence needed to overcome his fears. -Lela N.

I just want you to know that you have made a difference in Austin’s life and his attitude about education. I’m not saying the kid’s done a 180 and he’s John P. Student; however, you, somehow by being you, awoke a feeling inside him that it is possible for him to succeed in life and that all of this is worth his effort. Thanks! -Donna P.

If you’re looking for tricks, I’m not the person for you.

If you’re satisfied with a 100 point increase, you can probably get it cheaper somewhere else.

If you want real learning and personal growth that will actually help you in college, along with a much higher score, click below to sign up for a free consultation.

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I look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Warm Regards,

Jeff Bergman

P.S. I get emails all the time from parents whose kids have have dramatically improved their SAT score, gotten into the college of their choice, and feel great about the experience (sometimes I get emails from students, too!), and I want to help you, too.

Read What Others Have To Say

(These have been edited for brevity)

I had fun while learning to master the techniques of the SAT trade, so I didn’t suffer through SAT prep like my friends did with other tutors. I owe my nearly perfect score to Jeff, and can honestly say that I enjoyed the process. -Shayna K

Matthew is having a blast at UCSD. You are clearly very talented. -Joan W.

A little update: Evan has his undergraduate degree in Architecture, he just left today for Buenos Aires to work for a year for an architectural firm then he’ll go back to London for 2 more years to finish up his graduate degree. So you definitely helped him in his life! -Toni S.

You were terrific and Trevor enjoyed your sessions. You influenced his self confidence positively to be successful at test taking. Good news! -Maureen E.

Dylan was reluctant to get a tutor because he has tried it before and didn’t feel like he got much out of it. This time was definitely different. You have given him a lot of confidence about this test and I can’t tell you how much we appreciate that. Thanks so much for all your help. -Mimi D

Thank you for the excellent preparation you have given Max. I’m really pleased with the results. I know Max enjoyed working with you. -Cindy K.

I just wanted to say thanks so much for everything, and tell you what a lovely time I had talking to you; I’m going to miss your conversation. I hope we meet again some time in the future, you were a blast-of-a-tutor and a truly swell guy. Until then, best wishes from my mom and I - Calla M.

All of my scores went up and I have a 2050. Anyways, thanks for helping me out so much. Hopefully I’ll talk to you soon. - Becca L.

I cannot believe I did that much better. Couldn’t have done it without you, Jeff. Thanks.
-Logan L.

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